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Master League Moments: Episode 5

Life in the Premier League has been interesting, on the whole teams do prevent a greater challenge than the Championship sides did, but I can't help feel it is often unbalanced with regards to how teams perform, I have beat Arsenal, Man Utd, Tottenham and Chelsea, and drew against Liverpool and City, but then been smashed by Leicester, beaten by West Brom, drew against Norwich, I know in the real life Premier League, any team can beat any other team on their day, but in PES, the gulf in class and quality between sides isn't all that visible.

Pre-season saw us bring in a few new faces, and having just left the January transfer window of season 3, a few more players left and a couple of new faces were added. 38yr old Robben was decent out on the right wing, grabbed a few goals but I'm looking to plan long term and with Robben in decline, I opted to sell him after West Brom came in with a £2.9 mil bid, it also freed up £1.2 mil in wages, he was replaced by Ricardo Quaresma, the 16yr old regen, whom I found in the 'Other' category, no transfer fee, and only 500k wages, he's already rated 80 at just 16 and has numerous skills including fighting spirit, rising shots, penalty specialist, and others.

I also splashed out £26.4 mil on a new CF, Martinez, an 81 rated CF, who is now playing up top with Arcas next to him in the SS role, Candellone is backup, with Tevez, the other ageing legend, at 38yrs old, failing to make much of an impact, one of those famous PES players that excite you when you sign them, but fail to show anything of note, his contract is up end of the season, we won't be renewing it.

I've also signed a couple of promising looking youth players as backups in the AMF and RB positions.

The current starting XI and subs look like this:

I was told by the chairman (the bald headed guy in cut-scenes, that looks suspiciously like a project manager at the company I used to work for) that we needed to finish the season with gusto, and he expected that we win every remaining game on the calendar, which i found amusingly ridiculous, a brand new team, promoted in the second season in charge, currently 10th in the Premier League, exceeding the pre-season objective which was to avoid relegation, and he expected a January to May unbeaten run!

It's these little details all over ML that really let Konami down, the 'broken' transfers, the objectives, the pointless repetitive cut-scenes, the lack of any real interaction with players, the unrealistic fixtures, ie 4 away games in a row, every one of them at night time, the lack of any varied stadia to play in across a league season, and the ones you do play in all have foreign signs and ad boards over them, Master League wan't 'remastered' at all, in fact its probably the weakest ML for some years, and that's pushing it.

Don't even get me started on the abysmal commentary, see the example below:

Here's the league position after 30 matches, can't complain with mid-table on Top Player in our first Premier league season. The goals scored is healthy, its the goals against that have let us down, obviously as that's how you lose matches, by conceding goals, but is something we need to shore up for next season if aiming for European places is our aim.

Midtable is satisfactory for a maiden Premier League season

To finish, below is a short compilation of the most recent ML goals.