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Master League Moments: Episode 3

Goios bagging the winner in Mayor's testimonal match vs the 'Old Boys'

So since the last post I have finished season one of eFootball PES20 Master league, and it was a mixed emotions affair. Constant tinkering throughout detracted slightly from the experience, Camera angle being tweaked, flitting from Professional up to Top Player then back down again, formation tweaking, I never really felt settled with the game, so probably didn't enjoy the first season as much as I could, or should have.

I'm in a better place now, I have settled on a camera angle which is more side-on than isometric, the angle is a great view but often found myself misplacing passes or shots due to the wider angle of view, top corner suddenly becomes central when playing with such a high angle setting, and I've now moved back down to Professional because I believe Top Player is unbalanced and strangles the game too much to enjoy.

Before anyone comments that TP is fine, I am speaking solely based on my own personal experience with the game, which is all anyone can do, but I saw and experienced enough of the strangling of stats, and handicapping to know that the game employs back hand tactics to quell your play, I'm not down for that. Professional plays a much more balanced, pure, stats-focused game of PES 20, and fouls are more balanced also, here I'll stay until the time it becomes too easy then I will seek to employ modifiers to increase difficulty, such as Manual passing and/or shooting.

Below is a highly scientific graph detailing PES20's mechanics and 'scripting'

So pre-season saw me bring in 5 new players, after receiving a substantial salary budget boost of £11million, this is having the transfer settings set to 'Normal' across the board.

I was able to make the signings and still have £5mil left in each budget pot.

This is my starting squad for most matches inclusive of new signings:

Corzo at LB, Nef at CB, signed from the youths, Fernando in DMF, Candellone at CF, and Al Shehri (RWF) and Reategui (CB) on the bunch make up the new signings.

I actually only signed Nef from the youths as cover after letting another CB go, but he performed so well on his debut that i have kept him in.

Sporting the Dog & Duck Away kit for the 2020/21 Season

There is a distinct way to play PES20, and a lot of the previous PES 'go-to's' don't work, shielding the ball, use of R2 to quick turn and control the ball, and trap, and super cancel are absolutely essential in this game, it takes quite a bit of adjusting out of old habits to learn the new ways but once you do, on professional level at least, there is so much randomness, open space play, unpredictability, and pass and shot error tat it makes for a very good game on the pitch, will be interesting to see how future patches mess with the current balance.

League position is very average but expected for season 2, Team Spirit has only just hit the 80's after bedding in several new signings, and that has a huge effect on team performance.

Finally, a few goals from the last couple of sessions, nothing spectacular but some nice team moves: