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Master League Moments: Episode 2

I have just approached February in my PES20 ML, playing on Professional, and things have started to click.

I started on Top Player but didn't have the quality of players to compete, the defaults have been dialled in a little this year, and with the low Team Spirit (TS) rating, it was always going to be a struggle, so a move back to professional was the sensible choice, it is still challenging and I'm far from winning every game but am certainly getting there, I will probably move back to Top Player within the next few matches.

TS is a huge thing within PES, when its low players don't run, adhere to instructions, and play off-form, when its higher, there's much more fluidity, and responsiveness, naturally, it's like a mini sub-difficulty level, and grinding out there's early matches in order to raise TS is essential.

This is my current starting eleven:

Additional to the defaults, Yamga comes in at RMF, Teixera from the youths at LB after Giorza fashioned a move away, Hartley at CB also from the youths, Gerson was a signing from the french Div 2 at CB, McDowell again from the youths at RB, and on the subs bench you will see Jeraldino, signed in January from the scouts recommendations.

Jeraldino usually starts, in the pic shown he was off-form so started on the bench.

Results picked up, with the last 5 games resulting in 4 wins and a draw, to lift us up the table, promotion could well be possible in our first season, but before this happens I will switch back to Top Player if results continue to come easy, another season in the Championship isn't a problem.

The Dog & Duck AFC Team Spirit grows with every match

One thing that is really annoying me with PES20, what is this all about ??

Every damn time I turn the game on.... downloading assets, implementing assets, downloading assets, implementing assets, what is going on?

Here are a few goals scored in my most recent ML session, nothing spectacular, run of the mill goals but all valuable.

And so with 29 games played, here is the lie of the land, PES20 continues to play a very nice game of football, its deep, and different enough from last year to provide a challenge, and feels much more organic and natural flowing, some of the moves are ultra realistic and look great.

Aside from the usual frustration of fouls and some other minor niggles, PES20 is shaping up to be a classic.