Master League Moments: Episode 1

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

So ML has finally begun, the agonising wait between having the game 3 days early on the Saturday to the Thursday, 2 days after release, waiting for the transfer update file and installing the PES universe Option file, but it's finally here.

I chose to edit over Trunelecan in the 'other European Teams' section and move them in to the SkyBet Championship in place of Barnsley, they were least appealing, no one likes a cold Wednesday night trip to the North where they race ferrets and eat cockles, so it was them that had to go.

As you would have seen, I'm going all out fantasy this year, creating my own fictional pub team, the Dog & Duck AFC, who have been bought by a wealthy businessman and has invested heavily in the club, helping them rise through the non-leagues up to professional football and ultimately to the EFL Championship, this is our bid to take this local boozer to the giddy heights of European football and make some memories along the way, this is 'Master League Moments'.

My ML setup is as follows:

Difficulty: Professional

Match Length : 11 mins

Passing Assist: PA1

Shooting: Basic

Game Speed: 0

Transfer Difficulty: Normal

Transfer Regularity: Normal

Starting Budget: Fairly Small

First Transfer Window: Disabled

Default Squad

I have gone with a small budget, we are a pub team after all! Upon starting ML I had approx £3.2mil in transfer funds and only £200k in wage budget, I disabled the first transfer window so that teams did not end up selling half the players they had just signed in the summer, this was a thing last year, not sure if it still is this year but best to negate it.

With my lowly funds, squad management will be essential, I did sign a youth Player, Bjerre, a AMF who can also play on the left or right of midfield, rated 64OVR, his yearly salary was £127,000 so ate up most of my 200k wage budget already, I also setup scouting to 'Bolster weak spots' and out of that have also setup a 12 month loan deal for a 66 OVR rated winger at £32k signing fee, and paying £27k towards his wages, he wont join until January.

The season started badly, 3 defeats from 3, all games I was more than capable of winning, but the defaults are pretty poor, I was being outmuscled in key situations, ball retainment in the final third was difficult with moves often breaking down due to being overpowered by COM defenders. We are playing a 4-2-3-1 formation, with attack tactics set to counter attack for a fast build up, a high support range, short passing and defensively it's all out defend when we lose possession.

The Chairman wasn't happy with our poor start and the news feed suggested my job was in jeaopardy already after just a few games, there's no option of 'challenge' mode in ML this year so I'm wondering of getting the sack is actually a possibility.

Roberts gives the dressing room a stern word or two

After the initial few defeats, a dressing room bollocking gave us the kick of the jacksy we needed and we picked up a last minute goal against Sheffield Wednesday, with CF Jarvis opening his account, which gave us a draw, our first points on the board and confidence going forward, this was followed up with another draw and 2 wins on the bounce including a win over unbeaten top of the table Stoke City.

We have now moved away from the bottom of the table and one more win could lift us to 10th, exciting times ahead for the Dog & Duck.

Highlights of our ML goals from session 1.


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