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Master League Full Match & Commentary

The game is clagging along at a 40% enjoyment rate for me currently, despite building a much stronger team with players in the high 70's and low 80's and a Team Spirit rating of between 85-90, more and more frustrations have come to the fore.

Stats seem irrelevant in this game, no matter how strong, fast or skilful your player is, they will always be barged off the ball, outrun, caught up with by the COM, and the game on Top Player employs so meany cheating aspects to 'balance' the game such as ignoring and delaying inputs, ignoring blatant fouls, freezing players, player switching nullified, that it just becomes more of a slog than something fun.

On the pitch PES 20 is the best looking, most beautifully animated and arguably one of the best playing PES games to date, but there's so much layered over it that totally ruins it, that its currently a hot mess.

I recorded a full match, on Top Player, PA1, 11 minute matches, against Newcastle, which was one of the tamer 'twatty matches' but still showed enough of the niggly little frustrations, with full user commentary, thoughts are welcome.