Manual Passing Mayhem

With Manual Passing being considered the holy grail of a PES purist's arsenal, I thought I'd put it through its paces over 25+ matches on the PES20 demo, with matches only being 2 min halves it wasn't the ideal testing ground but the results were interesting.

There is clear appeal for using full manual passing within PES, requiring time and patience to master the aiming and weight, it can bring frustration, and reward in equal measures, but no doubting, PA0 does open the game up more than playing with assisted controls alone.

The pass error, and unpredictability of the ball leads to some interesting scenarios, and the ability to play passes in behind defences which aren't possible with PA1 make this a skill worth learning.

Below is a video showcasing a few moves put together on full Manual passing.

Settings were:

Stadium Camera Custom

Zoom: 7

Height: 0

Angle: 10

Professional Level

Nameplate: Off

Target Guides: Off

Aiming Guides: Off

Auto Feint: Off


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