Galileo's 1610

Season 7 has just finished, and what an interesting season it was. I've been largely having a great time with PES20 as of late, many more enjoyable matches than not, and Top Player still providing enough of a challenge to keep me amused and not feel too easy.

Before I get on to the happenings of season 7, a rant, despite my positive experience with the game at its core, there are things which absolutely irritate and piss me off no end, and are inexcusable, I will bullet point my irritations as of late below, for summary purpose:

· Blatant cheating by the AI

· ML Scripting/Cheating *See above

· Presentation

· Immersion

· Cut scenes

Most points, if not all, we have heard before but in the thick of a ML campaign these really really ruin the immersion and enjoyment, some examples ...

The AI handicapping you and boosting its own players in key matches, resulting in a ridiculously unfair and unbalanced match, basic awareness of what's going on in matches - COM players running wild celebrating when they score a 6 yard tap in when being 5-0 down, AI players allowed to blatantly smash you to the floor with no consequence whereas they are able to hold off 3 of your own players and strike a shot from 30 yards repeatedly, pointless repetitive cut scenes that add zero to the experience, and have absolutely no impact on your ML career, crap player ratings after a match, score 4 in a 6-0 win and your player gets rated only 8.5!

It's just the general presentation and basics of the package that are so lacking, you can argue down the route of Konami wanting to steer people away from ML and into online play and all that jazz, but ultimately it just reeks of lack of effort and/or lack of understanding about the sport, the game would be elevated tenfold if they even just got some of these basics right.

Anyway, rant aside, season 7 had an intense and exciting climax, we went on a run of just one defeat in 12 matches to haul ourselves into title contention, going into the last 3 games we were only 3 pts adrift of the top two, City and Liverpool, our next match would be City, away, we duly dispatched them 3-1, 2 games left to snatch our first ever premier league title.

What followed was 2 absolute Turd ridden matches, where ML just does everything it can to handicap you and make sure you don't get a result.

I lost 1-0 away at Man Utd, in a game that was riddled with chances I would normally score but DeGea suddenly became superhuman and saved everything, and one on ones that would always nestle in the net, dribbled wide.

Rashford and every other Man Utd player were invincible, able to hold off four of my players whilst dribbling and shoot from 30 yards,as soon as a COM player even breathed near any of my players though ...... instant dispossession. Such a frustrating and annoying match.

No ML scripting in the players favour here as that ultimately ended my title bid, with Liverpool winning again, they hadn't lost a single match in the 12 game streak that I put together, so even though I took 34 from 36 points, Liverpool took all 36.

I then drew 2-2 in an entertaining match on the last day of the season against Bournemouth to finish 3rd, and qualify for the Champions League.

Arcas bagged the top scorer award, with 17 league goals, Maolida, top scorer for the past 2 seasons with 24 and 26 goals respectively, was way down with just 9 all season, it was an injury ravaged season for him, and when he was fit, he was fighting with Vardy who got 8 for the season. There were also many more goalscorers throughout the squad this season with wingers Gomez and Quaresma chipping in with a few each, and Silva and Gerson getting a few from midfield.

Quite surprised at Maolida's inclusion in TOTS considering he only played 20 odd of the 38 league matches and only bagged 9 goals.

The season wasn't over and done with yet though.

Beating Spurs, and Inter Milan in the KO stages saw us through to our first ever Europa League final, against European giants, Borussia Dortmund, extended highlights below:

Yes, you did see that correctly, the AI gifted me two identical goals from GK cock-ups, running my CF, Maolida into the centre of goal from a goal kick brought dividends twice in a row as the COM GK just mindlessly passed it out straight into his path, thank you very much. A resounding 5-1 win in a major European final, and a visible trophy to boot, it felt so much more rewarding actually seeing a visible trophy to parade, and was a fitting end to season 7.

Season 8 got underway with the obligatory pre-season signings, opting to recruit mostly from the youths, signing 17 year old Pepe Reina as backup GK cover, and signing 19yr old Daniel DeRossi, Rated 86 OVR on a free, with a £4million per year salary. Due to my stringent recruit from youths policy for the past few seasons, my transfer kitty is massive, near on £200mil available and £40mil in the salary budget, so I am pretty much able to sign anyone that will come to me.

New Kits assigned, and we was ready for our first match of the new season.

The UEFA Supercup match vs Barcelona, at Old Trafford, match goals below:

Another fairly straightforward win, and the AI yet again gifting me a goal.

After my recent successes I was seriously toying with the idea of going back to Superstar, but the first 2 league matches of season 8 ended in a late 1-0 win, then a 2-0 defeat at Spurs, Superstar would just set my progress back 3 or 4 seasons, and annoy and frustrate me in the process. There needs to be some kind of middle difficulty between Top Player and Superstar, the challenge of Superstar, but without the blatant handicapping and cheating would be nice.

To finish off, a small selection of goals from the title run-in.

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