Here you will find bespoke kit designs in HD 2048 x 2048px format, ready to load directly into PES 2020.
All of the below kits are also compatible with PES 2019.

Click Kit Image to open in full view > Right click on kit image > Save Image as
Place in a folder called WEPES on a USB drive and load into the game via data management > Import Images

*PS4 & PC Compatible Only

PESFX Red Sash Kit
PESFX Lotto Gold Band Kit_Thumb
PESFX 2018 Umbro NeoSeeker Kit_Thumb
PESFX 2018 RdWht Athletica Kit_Thumb
PESFX 2018 Adidas AdiRage Kit_Thumb
PESFX 2018 Adidas Icon One Red White Kit_Thumb
PESFX 2018 Puma Shadow Stripe Kit_Thumb
PESFX Nike Digital Defender Kit_Thumb
PESFX PES18 Quad Block RedBlk Kit_Thumb
PESFX SuperVrige Kit_Thumb
PESFX Newton Kit_Thumb
PESFX Blue Shatter Kit_Thumb
PESFX Vibrancy Kit_Thumb
PESFX Claret Gold Pinstripe Kit_Thumb
PESFX Pacer Kit_Thumb
PESFX CandyShard Kit
PESFX Ltd Edition MyClub Kit
PESFX Icon Kit
PESFX Turino Kit
PESFX Royale Kit_Thumb
PESFX Irons Kit
PESFX Blue Thuder Kit
PESFX Candy Stripe Kit
PESFX Hornet Kit
PESFX Carbon Kit
PESFX Amber Stripe Kit
PESFX Tango Kit
PESFX Swoosh Kit
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PESFX Arsenal Retro 91-93 Kit
PESFX Man Utd 92-94 3rd Kit
LFC 95-96 Away Kit
Wolves Retro Kit
PESFX Spurs 80s Kit
PESFX Luton Town 84 Kit
PESFX Real Blancos Kit
PESFX Chelsea 93 Kit
PESFX Adidas Numero Uno Kit
PESFX Boca 1992 Kit
Brighton HA 2002 Kit
Arsenal 2002/3 Kit
Derry City 1988 Kit
England Third Kit 1992
West Ham Utd 1985 Kit
PESFX MyClub Legends Kit
PESFX FFX LFC Away Concept Kit
PESFX Ranger Kit
PESFX Everton 86-89 Kit
Coventry City FC Home Kit
Coventry City FC Away Kit
Madureira Che Guevara Home Kit
Madureira Che Guevara GK Kit
PESFX Inter Club Miami Concept Kit
PESFX Arsenal Adidas Concept
PESFX Watford Retro Kit
PESFX Prism Kit
PESFX Linear Kit
PESFX Adidas Geo Kit
PESFX Lotto Eaton Kit
PESFX Citizen Stripe Kit
PESFX Slate Aqua Adidas Kit
Arsenal Home 19_20
PESFX Adidas Swoosh Kit
PESFX Rainbow Splash Kit
PESFC Red Star Kit Thumb
PESFX Boca Jnrs 89_90 Away
PESFX Ltd Ed EFootball20 Kit
PESFX Admiral RedSlasher Kit
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PESFX Pride 19 Kit
PESFX Coventry City 20 Home Kit
PESFX Coventry City 20 Away Kit
PESFX Coventry City 20 GK Kit
PESFX Nike Swift Band Kit
PESFX Lotto Conquer Kit
PESFX Adidas ST6 Kit
PESFX Umbro ParkLife Kit
PESFX Boca Jnrs 19_20 Home Kit
PESFX Adidas Icon Kit
PESFX Liverpool FC UCL Concept Kit
PESFX Joma Slice Kit
PESFX Apex Sports Tab Kit
PESFX Coventry City 81 Retro Remake
PESFX Apex Artiste Kit
PESFX Kappa Baretta Kit
PESFX Nike Islington Kit
PESFX Marvel DC Kit
PESFX Nike Neon Command Kit
PESFX NeoPop Kit
PESFX Shredder Kit
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PESFX Coventry City 20 Away Kit

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